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This routing and shipping guide has been developed for domestic suppliers who ship to Continental Commercial Products, LLC, (CCP) its subsidiaries, and / or affiliates within the U.S. and Canada.

Nothing contained is this guide in any way alters, amends, changes, or supersedes the terms and conditions set forth on the purchase orders of Continental Commercial Products, LLC. It provides for the approved and preferred transportation suppliers that are to be used on all shipments where CCP is responsible for the freight charges.

All transportation costs, detention charges, storage fees, or other expenses incurred by Continental Commercial Products, LLC because of the supplier's non-compliance with the instructions contained in this guide shall be charged to the supplier. Listed below are general instructions to follow when shipping product to CCP:

  • All PO'S for product that are shipped on the same day to the same CCP location must be on a single bill of lading.
  • Do not ship any orders "Freight Prepaid and Add", where CCP is responsible for the freight charges. The routing guidelines contained herein should be followed.
  • PO's or shipments requiring priority or expedited shipping such as air freight must have approval by the CCP Director of Purchasing.
  • CCP will not pay any accessorial charges on prepaid shipments. Any charges related to notification, storage, re-consignment, inside delivery, sorting / segregating, etc. will be the responsibility of the supplier.
  • Non - compliance with these instructions will result in chargebacks for the extra charges incurred by CCP in addition to the financial penalties as described in our Chargeback Policy.
  • It is the vendor's responsibility to ensure they monitor this site for any updated routing changes.
  • Any exception to the instructions contained herein must be approved by CCP

Inquiries or questions with regards to these instructions can be forwarded to either Tim Windler, Director of Purchasing, , EXT 1585,, Steven Lange, Corporate Transportation Manager, (314) 739 - 8585, EXT. 1735,, Darlene Hanstein, Assistant Transportation Manager, (314) 739 - 8585, EXT. 1736,






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